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Amsterdam Central train station(Photo: © Studio Roosegaarde)

The science and engineering behind Amsterdam’s Rainbow Station

If you’re passing through the Amsterdam Central train station you may be pleasantly surprised to see a vibrant rainbow projected on the large arch that spans over its platforms. It’s the “Rainbow Station” project by artist Daan Roosegaarde – and it was made possible by technology adapted specifically for the project through collaboration with NC State researcher Michael Escuti and ImagineOptix Corporation, the company he founded to pioneer patterned liquid crystal optic technologies.

Moving toward a cheaper, better catalyst for hydrogen production

Hydrogen could be an important source of clean energy, and the cleanest way to produce hydrogen gas is to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The catalyst currently used to facilitate this reaction is platinum. MoS2 is a promising, much cheaper alternative to platinum, but its catalytic performance is far worse than platinum’s. Researchers at NC State have been trying to find ways to improve MoS2’s catalytic performance.